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freeze drying nattokinase 20000fu 1kg,5kg/bag

freeze drying nattokinase 20000fu 1kg,5kg/bag

freeze drying nattokinase 20000fu 1kg,5kg/bag

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Evergreen
Certification: ISO
Model Number: 20000fu/g

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: $250-330/kg
Packaging Details: 20kg/drum
Delivery Time: ship immediately
Payment Terms: t/t or paypal
Supply Ability: 300kg in stock
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freeze drying nattokinase 20000fu 1kg,5kg/bag
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What Is Natto?

Most natto is purchased premade, and not often made at home. It is usually created by adding the bacteria Bacillus subtilis formerly known as Bacillus natto, to the soybeans during fermentation. This is what produces the sticky soybeans and the strong smell.


Many people who try natto for the first time find the flavor to be nutty and a bit sharp, better tasting than smelling. Others feel this food is bland and think it needs additional flavoring. For those who cannot get past the smell, there are some companies that have produced low odor natto, and these might be more palatable. Not every person in Japan enjoys natto, and it is most popular in eastern parts of the country. It is also hard to find outside of Japan, though occasionally Asian markets will stock it in the frozen section. It may also be possible to find natto ice cream or dried natto, which is eaten like nuts or chips. In Korea, a similar dish includes fermented soybeans and is called cheongguikjang. The Chinese also make a fermented black bean dish called douchi.


What Is Nattokinase?

How Does Nattokinase Work in the Body?

Nattokinase is a fibrinolytic protease, which by nature is an enzyme whose basic function is to hydrolyze proteins. Because proteins have a fairly complex organic amino acid structure, they require these types of enzymes to break protein molecules into absorbable and digestible amino acids. Nattokinase has the distinct ability to breaks down the adhesive substance that makes arterial plaque very sticky. In this way, it supports a preventative and reversing effect on blood clotting and plaque build up in the arteries. Every day human beings eat large amounts of foods that can lead to an increase in redness and unhealthy levels of cholesterol. This sets up a paradigm which puts humans are at high risk for blood clot, heart disease and stroke. Nattokinase is one type of enzyme that can break down these clots by directly cleaving the bonds of the fibrin protein components and also by hastening the production of the body’s own fibrin buster (plasmin), without many of the negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Nattokinase can also break down unwanted wastes such as toxins, cellular debris in the blood, and undigested proteins in the gut. With the distinct ability to breakdown peptide bonds and liberate amino acids, proteolytic enzymes are now being studying by modern science and medicine for their clinical and therapeutic use in the realms of general oncology and overall immune wellness.


What Are The Health Benefits of Nattokinase?

As this enzyme has been used for over 1000 years and is firmly supported by scientific studies for its many health benefits. The following list offers some health benefits of supplementing with Nattokinase, as well some of the exciting research being done on Nattokinase, and its applications to human health and disease prevention/management: 1. It has been shown to stabilize and assist the gastrointestinal tract. 2. May help to normalize blood pressure 3. Aids in preventing blood clots from forming and aids in the natural dissolution of existing clots 4. Successfully dissolves fibrin and enhances the system’s natural ability to keep blood vessels clean 5. Increases the body’s natural production of plasmin as well as other important blood clot dissolving components, such as urokinase 6. May aid in the prevention of angina, stroke, varicose veins, muscle spasms and pain. 7. May help prevent heart attack and stroke – Studies have shown that Nattokinase helps break up and dissolve blood clots. In fact, research confirms that it holds four times more fibrinolytic activity than plasmin, the body’s natural anti-clotting agent.


More about Nattokinase

Nattokinase is an enzyme found in natto, a traditional Japanese fermented soybean dish and dietary staple of that country for many centuries. Natto is simple to make, requiring only soybeans, straw and water. Steamed beans are mixed with straw, which contains the bacterium bacillus natto, and left to ferment for 24 hours. Natto acquires a mild taste but a strong odor, similar to blue cheese, and a sticky consistency. Nattokinase may offer a variety of potential health benefits, but consult with your doctor before using nattokinase.



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